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XXXI Ruskamaraton at Levi September 6th 2014

Welcome to 31st Ruskamaraton to Levi on Saturday the 6th of September 2014. Ruskamaraton offers activities for the whole family. Full, half and quarter marathon for adults and young adults. Ruska Walk for seniors and other easy goers and kid’s runs for young runners up to 12 years.

From Friday to Sunday the Ruskamarkkinat market place offers all kind of goods from souvenirs and sports equipment to hot sausages and warm drinks. Unique hulabaloo creates a warm and joyful atmosphere that keeps all the runners and their supporters happy.

A route along lappish nature (MAP HERE)

In Finland many runners has Ruskamaraton as a season’s final event. And for that Levi offers great facilities: more than 24 thousand beds in hotels, apartments and cottages and several restaurants plus a spa in the middle of Lappish nature 150 km north from polar circle. Beautiful nature and it’s brilliant colours makes one’s hair flurry and mind wild!

Start and finish are in front of ZeroPoint

Along the way beautiful fell sceneries makes a mark in every runners mind. Full marathon goes twice around the Levi fell. Refreshment points along the the full marathon are 2x5.

Half marathon goes once around the Levi fell. Refreshment points along the half marathon are 5.

Quarter marathon follows it’s own routes on the north side of Levi village. Refreshment points along the quarter marathon are 2.

Price includes

All paid competitors will receive a Ruskamaraton medal. While running, gears can be stored at the finishing area. Services along the route and sauna after the race are included, too. Sauna is at Levi World Cup center below Gondola 2000 (not at front slope).

Prize ceremony

Prize ceremony at the race office (ZeroPoint) at 17:00. Three best in each group will receive a trophy and other gifts. Prizes will not be mailed afterwards.


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