Race info

Race Office and gear storage

Start times

  • Kid’s runs: from 10:30 starting from youngest ones
  • Joma Trailrun: 11:40
  • K-Supermarket Kittilä Ruskamaraton (42,195km) and Half marathon: 12:00
  • 10 km: 12:20
  • Ruskareissu walk 12:40

Recommended gear for running

  • Weatherproof clothing, proper running shoes and personal energy sources. For the trailrun it is recommended to bring a phone and something to drink and eat. Just in case. Temperatures can be between +20 and 0. Check the forecast here

Own energydrinks and garbage

  • We can’t deliver your drinks to servicepoints so you’ll have to carry them yourself. At servicepoints we offer FAST-energydrink and pickled cucunbers.
  • No garbage is allowed to leave out to nature. There are bins at every service point. Thank you.

Service points (locations are marked on routemaps)
vocabulary: service point = huoltopiste, Lähtö/maali = start/finish

  • Full and half marathon: 5 + finishing area
  • 10km: 1 + finishing area
  • Trailrun: 1 + finishing area
  • Ruskaraissu: finishing area
  • Kid’s run: finishing area


2 toilets at finishing area. ZeroPoint toilets. Toilets at service points.

Interrupting your run

If you have to interrupt the race, try to return to the event area along the marked route. If you are unable to do so, contact the nearest service center for transportation. Be prepared to wait for transportation. Report the interruption to the nearest clerk or send a text message with the race number to the race office on + 358 400 522 667.


  • call the emergency room / ambulance on 040 740 9555
  • or the severity of the injury (immediate need for first aid) to the general emergency number 112.
  • The clerk of the event must follow each run, so no one is left on the terrain / along the route. If you get tired then don’t hide in any spruce ass that our clerk can find you.


Everyone finishing the run will receive a medal. A prize-giving ceremony for the top 3 in each series will be held at 4pm at the finish area service area. If it rains, the prizes will be awarded at Hullu Poro Areena. Follow the announcements.


Levi Hotel Spa 10e with Ruskamaraton medal.